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Overprotective Parents: Shackles of Burden?

This topic has been on the debate table time and time again. Was this the result of clingy parents, societal dictation, or out of control youth? Take your pick, it can even be all of the above. It is but logical that parents worry about the safety of their child. But preventing your children from watching the news for you’ve labeled it as too violent or not allowing them to interact with the opposite sex for such may lead to inappropriate behavior, these things are borderline ridiculous. And this could simply be classified as acts of overprotective parents.

A drunk son, unexpected pregnancy, and bloody violence; these will certainly send shivers to the spine of every parent. However, had the son been allowed a sip of wine or a can of beer every now and then, wouldn’t this be a more fitting preparation? Had the daughter been aptly educated with regard to the so-called taboo that is sex and the value of purity and abstinence, she wouldn’t have gotten into such mishap. And lastly, how can one protect oneself against the angst of the world if all his life he was concealed in a protective bubble? It should be noted that sometimes, the four walls of your abode is not thick enough to keep the dangers away. Furthermore, isn’t it better for your children to face the dangers head on rather than to watch them cower in fear for the rest of their lives? This fear may be one of the consequences of having overprotective parents.

Being a parent, it is but normal to look after your children and make certain that they are always out of harm's way. But this does not mean locking them up until they are forty. If the parents raise their children with their values intact and with fear of the Almighty, then there is no reason to be overprotective.

Children do want their freedom, though they are also in need of a stern figure, one who can get them back on track. Putting your foot down and being a parent will prove helpful, just don’t overdo it to the point of suffocating your children. Having overprotective parents can produce both good and bad effects. It really depends on the degree of protection and security imposed on your protégés.



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