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10 tips for good parenting.

1. Never lose your temper with your child. It can be difficult to always keep calm when your child is crying constantly or naughty. However, if you lose your temper you will lose total control of the situation and this will help no one.

2. Keep to a routine. It is good for babies and children if they get up at the same time every day, eat their meals at the same time and go to bed at the same time. Doing this from the beginning, as much as you can, will help babies to sleep through the night and feed better.

3. Have a set of ground rules and stick to them. It is important for everyone in the house to be aware of the rules. This avoids different adults having disagreements over rules which can be very confusing for a child.

4. Do not hit or smack your child unless absolutely necessary. It is hardly ever necessary to hit a child. You should never hit a child so hard that it leaves a red mark.

5. Accept all the help you are offered. When you first have a child it is tempting to try to do everything yourself. It is easy to misjudge how hard it will be, especially when they are waking up every few hours, day and night. If friends and family offer to help you then make sure that you accept their offer, do not be afraid to have a quick nap while they cuddle the baby and cook a meal.

6. Keep the child fit and healthy. It is important to make sure that a child has a healthy balanced diet and also does some exercise. Children tend to be naturally active and so it can be quite easy to encourage them to play games that will keep them running about or take them for walks.

7. Do not go bankrupt. It is very easy to be tempted to buy your child lots of expensive gifts. It is very expensive buying all the necessary things for a baby and you may find that you need to go without some luxuries to afford them. Make sure that you budget carefully.

8. Make time for your partner. It is very important to make time for your partner. It is very easy to spend all of your time with the baby and forget that there is another person in the relationship. You need to be loving and supportive to each other as well as the children.

9. Make time for yourself. Sometimes people need some time when they can be alone. Even if the children are in bed, you are still switched on listening to see if they wake up, so try to get some alone time.

10. Enjoy yourself. Make sure that you enjoy the time that you have with your children. They are lovely things to be around and can be a source of lots of joy.



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