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Stage 4 weaning 12 months and above

Your baby will be one year old. At this stage you can stop feeding them formula milk and give them cows milk in a bottle. It is important for your babies development that you still give them full fat milk and do not give them skimmed or reduced fat milk.

It may be that your baby still wants some formula milk. This is perfectly normal and your baby should be weaned off formula milk slowly and at a suitable pace to them.

Your baby can eat most foods now and can chew and swallow large pieces. You can give your baby snacks and treats between meals but try and ensure these are healthy snacks such as fruit whether fresh or dried. Avoid the need to give them chocolates and sugary sweets as a means of filling them up.

Try for a wide variety of foods and tastes and this will help develop your babies taste buds in later years.

Take your baby out and have meal times together and this should show your baby how to eat and what to do.

Remember to brush your babies teeth after every meal and take him for regular visits to the dentist.

Avoid foods containing no added sugars as they still contain natural sugars which are detrimental to your babies teeth



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