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Stage 3 weaning 9 months and above

At this stage it is important that you are providing a wide variety of foods and aregiving them plenty foods from all the food groups such as carbohydrates, proteins and fruit and vegetables.

At this stage your baby can take food which has been either chopped or minced and can chew small vegetables and breads.

They may wish to try and feed themselves with a spoon and their fingers. This is important and you should remain with them incase they may choke on small pieces.

Let your baby sit round the table when you are feeding and let them join in with the family dinner and make them feel included. Be patient with them as it is a whole new learning process and they take a while to learn!

Finger foods your baby will enjoy:-

  • Dried fruits such as raisons or apricots
  • Sweetcorn crisps
  • Cucumber sticks
  • Small sandwiches with cheese or ham
  • Cheese chunks
  • Rice cakes
  • Bread sticks

Again try and make sure the majority of foods are homemade. Jars and packet foods are alright if in a hurry or are out and about but really are no substitute for your home cooking
. Make it easy on yourself and make the whole family food you can all enjoy together. Remember and not to add any salt or added sweeteners and keep everything as natural as possible.



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