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Weaning for stage 2

This stage will begin when your baby is around 7 months old. They should have few teeth by now and can chew and bite.

This stage food is mashed rather than pureed. A cup can be used to give your baby a drink other than breast milk. Try and ensure that you give cooled boiled water and not anything containing sugar or acid such as many fruit squashes and juices.

Dairy products can be given at this stage so too can pasta, bread and wheat.

This stage is about introducing texture and nutrients to your babies diet.
Your babies appetite will increase and there should be a decrease if only small in the amount of babies milk you give to your baby.

Let your baby pick up and try to eat food using their fingers such as pieces of apple and banana.

Your baby may not like these new textures but keep trying and they will soon get used to it. It is important to introduce new foods slowly at first. Mix them with foods they already like and this whole transition will be much easier.

Try the following foods;-

  • Cauliflower cheese
  • Mince and potatoes
  • Fish pie
  • Lentil or vegetable soup
  • Pureed fruit and yoghurt



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