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Weaning for stage 1 4 - 6 months

This should not be carried out on a baby prior to 17 weeks as explained.
Each baby is different with differing feeding patterns and dietary needs.

Here are some signs that will give you an indication that your baby may need weaning:-

• Your baby still is looking for food after a feed
• They may wake up during the night when previously they had slept right through
• They take an active interest in seeing you eat and drink
• They are teething or have teeth
• They are beginning to bite or chew and are ready to swallow food taken from a spoon

It is important when starting weaning to take things easy. Introduce only one food at a time and give the body time to show if there is a reaction to it.

Start weaning on baby rice and try this for a couple of days and let your baby get used to taking food from a spoon and swallowing. Try this once a day at a time when you are not so rushed and can spend time with the baby.

Try and not be nervous as your baby will pick up on this.

Parents will get excited at this important landmark in their babies life so it is important not to get carried away.

If feeding prior to six months do not give your baby and dairy product or anything containing wheat or gluten. Also avoid citrus fruits.

Stick to pureed fruits and vegetables and do not add anything to them such as salt or butter. Keep everything as natural as possible.

Try and ensure an adequate mix of sweet and savoury foods.

It may be that your baby is satisfied with only a few small spoonfuls at the start however this will gradually increase. Be guided by what your baby needs rather than what you think they need. Your babies stomach is still relatively small so a little goes a long way!

Home made foods are best and works out to be much cheaper than buying shop bought. Buy yourself a cheap hand blender and this will ensure that everything is nice and soft for your baby.

The following foods are ideal for your baby;-

• Carrots
• Sweet potato
• Courgettes
• Broccoli
• Cauliflower
• Peas
• Potato
• Lentils
• Turnip/swede

• Plums
• Apples
• Mangoes
• Bananas
• Peaches

• Baby Rice
• Sago
• Maize

Foods to avoid

• Citrus fruits
• Peanuts/ Nuts
• Wheat
• Gluten
• All dairy products
• Yoghurts
• Cheese

If needed breast or formula milk can be used to soften the food.



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