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From around the ages of 17 weeks you can start weaning your baby onto solid foods.

Just breast milk for the first six months?

The World Health Organisation states that a baby that is exclusively breastfed needs nothing more than breast milk for the first six months. This may be true but every baby is different and you may find that your baby needs something more substantial.

Take advice from your health visitor prior to starting weaning and she can provide you with important information and advice.

Baby milk - 17 weeks old

It is important that you do not feed your baby anything but baby milk until your baby is at least 17 weeks old. This is important as if you feed him prior to this date he may have stomach and digestive problems in later life. He may also develop food allergies.

It is also just as important that you do not leave it any later than six months as by this time your baby will need something more than just milk.

Weaning can be split into three stages.

Stage 1 4 - 6 months
Stage 2 7- 8 months
Stage 3 9 months and above
Stage 4 12 months and above



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