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Switching from Breastfeeding to Bottle Feeding

Breastfeeding is the best option for feeding babies. However for different reasons sometimes it does always suit baby or the mother. Some babies don’t take to breastfeeding and can thrive as some as they get the bottle. Mothers can find breastfeeding very demanding and tiring. Parents have to make their own decision but they should not feel bad because they switch to bottle feeding. Breastfeeding does not suit all mothers and babies.

Here are some tips to help mothers switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding:

  • Stay calm when offering the bottle to the baby. Don’t become aggravated whenever the baby shows negative responses. Don’t force the nipples into the baby and stop whenever the baby looks unhappy.

  • Plan and alloting time. The baby will feel the pressure when you are rushing.

  • Choose the perfect time – that is when the baby is alert and slightly hungry. In this way, the baby is still motivated to try new ways of receiving milk. However, avoid offering formula milk when the baby is really hungry. The baby will be in no mood to learn something new.

  • Use milk that has been breast-pumped earlier in the day. First, warm the milk but do not overheat. Since the nipples from the bottles are different from the breasts in smell and taste, having the same milk would encourage the baby to try bottle feeding.

  • Different babies have different nipple preferences. However, even if there are many nipple shapes available on the market, stick with one nipple for several days before trying another.

  • Bottles are more accepted readily when offered by someone other than the mother. This is because the baby is used to get breast milk from the mother rather than the formula milk. Although sometimes, breastfed babies accept the bottle better when in their mother’s arms and hears her voice.

  • Go slowly on the baby. First touch the nipples and express some milk into the baby’s lips then watch her reaction. Don’t force the nipples past her lips. Let the baby drink milk from the nipple at his pace.

  • Always be reassuring and encouraging with your baby

  • Make each session last only around 10 minutes. Stop when you or the baby is already uncomfortable or irate. End the session on a happy and positive note and try again tomorrow.

Most importantly, before trying out new formula milks or bottles, consult your doctor first. In this way, you can be guided on which is the best one to try for your baby that would suit his/her nutritional needs.

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