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Organic Baby Formula

For parents whose diet already includes organic foods, choosing a baby formula that is organic as breast milk substitute may be a given. But to others who still have not embraced an organic lifestyle, the choice may be a little more confusing.

Dairy-based organic baby formula components

The biggest advantage of organic baby formula is in its ingredients. Dairy-based organic baby formula components include both cows’ milk and lactose, but these milk products given off by cows that were raised in an organic method is free from pesticide-sprayed feeds. They also have not been given growth hormones - which is usually done to cows to boost milk production.

Use of artificial methods in regular cow milk production

Since over the years, more and more parents are getting concerned with the use of artificial methods in regular cow milk production, the number of parents choosing organic milk has also increased.

Organic formulas are known to meet the requirements necessary for infant nutrition. Here are some of the available ones in the market:


Similac Organic is made with healthy organic milk and other organic ingredients. It is also certified USDA organic. The formula contains DHA and ARA which are known to aid the baby's brain development.

Lactose-related sensitivities

Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Formula made by Natures One has both dairy-based organic formula and soy-based organic component. Baby's Only soy-based formula is lactose-free, which is ideal for babies who are known to have lactose-related sensitivities. These dairy protein or lactose sensitivities cause babies to have unusual fussiness, spit-ups, frequent ear infections eczema, and gassiness.

Horizon Organic, as reported, will also be releasing a new infant formula to the market soon.

On the other hand, the dairy-based formula is for toddlers and for mothers who are still breastfeeding their babies for more than 12 months. Using organic baby formula can be more than just a substitute for breastfeeding. Including organic baby food in a child’s diet also gives great benefits.

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