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Menstruation while breastfeeding

Many mothers mistakenly believe that if they are breastfeeding then their periods will not return. This is most cases is untrue. Given that women’s hormone levels vary, the time your period returns is not set in stone. Your lactation suppresses your menstruation and fertility which is called lactation amenorrhea.

The average time for your period to return is around the 6 months mark and this can vary in different cultures.

Reasons for your periods to return.

Your baby has a dummy
You are giving your baby some formula and water along with the breastfeeding
You baby has started solid food.

Reasons that could delay your period to return.

You sleep with your baby
You carry your baby in a sling or keep your baby close
Nothing is certain here and your periods could return no matter what you do.
Fertility and birth control

When your menstruation begins you are fertile. Your fertily can return before your menstruation begins in some cases.

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