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How to Stop Breastfeeding

We all know the benefits of breastfeeding but how do you go about stopping? There is lots of information available on breastfeeding but little on the best way to stop.

Most experts recommend doing it feed by feed. For example you could substitute the morning feed for a cup or bottle of milk. A few days later take away the night time breastfeed for the cup or bottle.
You could also depending on the age of your baby start to introduce solids (if you have not already done this). Your milk will slowly start to dry up. If your breasts become overly full and painful express some into a cup and this should offer some relief.

Remember experts recommend not giving cow milk to your child if under 1 and solids under 6 months.
Sudden weaning can bring problems for both baby and mother and can cause plugged ducts, breast infection, or even a breast abscess. Hormone levels can also suffer and as a result depression and mood swings are possible.

Sudden weaning really should not be necessary unless there is a good reason for it. If you are going back to work then gradually make the transition.

Remember that nursing becomes more than just baby getting there feed. They become used to the comfort, security and closeness, so give them extra cuddles and affection during the process of weaning.
It’s worth noting that the world health organization recommends breastfeeding for a period of at least two years. If you keep breastfeeding then your baby will naturally wean themselves off the breast, normally between the ages of 2 and 4. This is not always possible with the busy lifestyles that we lead.

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