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How to Prevent Baby from Swallowing Air When Bottle Feeding

Just like breast feeding, bottle feeding is as important and both have challenges. One of the challenges of bottle feeding is gassiness. Babies who are bottle fed often have bloated stomachs due to the air they are sucking with the bottle.

But how can it be prevented? The answer is by holding the bottle at an angle and keeping the teat/nipple full of milk to prevent your baby from swallowing air with the milk.

Here are other suggestions that can prevent the uncomfortable feeling of babies:

Before bottle feeding your baby, ensure that you are seated on a couch or a chair in a comfortable manner. Make sure also that the arms are supported to avoid pain while holding the baby. When holding the baby, he should be laid in a manner that his head is resting near the elbow and his back alongside your forearm. In this manner, he will be able to swallow the milk more easily and safely.

Milk temperature

Also, the milk temperature should be tested. It can be done by putting some drops of the milk from the bottle into your wrist. The milk’s temperature must be lukewarm. In case the milk is already cold, do not reheat it. This will cause an increase in the bacterial level inside the bottle and may lead to spoiling and an upset stomach.

Bottle tit too large?

A hole too large might cause the baby to get too much too fast and seethe; a hole too small will tire the baby even before he gets satisfied. There are a wide variety of teats available. They have different ratings which would tell you the rate the milk flows or how big is the hole. With this you can choose what is fit for your baby. Eventually, when the baby grows older, he usually prefers something that flows faster.

For air to get in, loosen the bottle’s cap a little. Then, carefully place the nipple into the baby’s mouth. If he does not drink, you can stroke the baby's cheeks to encourage to respond and drink.

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