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Foods to avoid while Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is an important part of raising your baby. Breast milk provides your infant with the necessary nutrients that he will use in development. For mothers who have to work and can’t breastfeed at all times, they have the option of expressing breast milk and having their infants bottle fed with the stored milk. Your breast milk is affected by your diet. The same way that there are food you need to eat when you are breastfeeding, there are also those that you need to avoid.

Avoiding alcohol while breastfeeding

Foremost on the list of items to avoid is alcohol. This substance is contraindicated during pregnancy because of observed deficiencies with newborns born to alcoholic mothers. Alcohol intake is also contraindicated with lactating mothers, it is however not completely banned as breastfeeding moms are allowed to take it in a small amount. No matter how much alcohol you take, you have to remember that you should not breastfeed your baby right after the intake. It is recommended that you wait a good three to five hours after drinking before you breastfeed. The long term affect of alcohol when taken through breast milk by babies is unknown, short term effects however have shown that infants tend to get uneasy and restless. Caffeine is also an item worth avoiding. It can also easily pass through the breast milk and can over stimulate your baby as well cause restlessness the same way alcohol does.

Eating what you like!

In general, mothers can eat anything they want when they are breastfeeding. They can resume with their regular diet except the alcohol and caffeine of course. They also advised to avoid food that they are allergic to. Lactating mothers should observe their babies right after each feeding. If your baby seems restless and fuzzy, make a mental review of what you have eaten. It may be that your baby is allergic to the type of food that you have taken in.

Food allergies

Food allergies can manifest in infants as well as in adults. A food item than often causes discomfort for your baby is cow’s milk. Babies who are allergic to the stuff can manifest all sorts of gastrointestinal symptoms including diarrhea, colic and indigestion. It is also advised that you avoid extremes in your diet. By extremes, we mean that you avoid food that is too high in sodium, too high in fat and too high in sugar. When you take food that fall into those categories, it can easily send your baby’s biological system through intense highs and lows. Sugar rushes and crashes have even been observed in a few infants.

Is natural food better when breastfeeding?

Eating natural food is advised. Avoid foods that are rich in additives and food coloring as this can also affect your baby’s system. It was observed that babies pass orange tinted urine after they have breastfed from mothers who have taken in huge amount of artificially colored orange drinks. It is also advised that women avoid eating foods that are considered unsafe and maybe tainted or laced with all sorts of preservative chemicals. This can also affect your baby as some of these chemicals can pass through your breast milk.

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