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Breastfeeding in Public

Most women know that breastfeeding is good for them and their babies. They have been more than willing to do it except in public places, under the scrutiny of common bystanders and onlookers.

When you need to breastfeed in public

However, no matter how much effort you exert just to avoid it, there will always be certain situations wherein you will be forced to breastfeed your baby in public. Your unwillingness to feed him might cause a scene and may well attract much bigger attention than the ones you are trying to avoid when your baby is about time to be fed.

Don’t worry about breastfeeding in public

Feeding your child is one of the most natural thing and integral part of motherhood. It is something that any good mother should not be hesitant in doing. It is a common knowledge that breastfeeding is a major challenge a woman must face to ensure that her child is receiving the best nourishment she can offer.

If these things are still not enough to convince you to breastfeed in public, and if doing so still leaves you with a certain fear of being criticized, do read on and discover several things you could do to at least lessen, if not totally erase your worries and address your concerns regarding it.

Nurse your baby before you go out

First, make sure your baby had his fill of milk before you go out, just so he would not feel unsatisfied in the middle of nowhere. Feed him immediately if he asks for it. Do not wait for him to feel all hungry as this would cause him to be impatient and would make feeding difficult for you.

Bring along a small blanket

Whenever you go out with your baby, bring along a small blanket. You can use this to cover your baby’s head and your breast, sparing you of possible exposure that you are very afraid of. Place the blanket over your shoulder and over your baby’s head and make sure your baby will not have the slightest difficulty in breathing.

Nursing clothes

Some babies however do not appreciate being all covered up. The tendency is, they’ll pull the blanket as soon as you place it over their heads. If this is your problem, nursing clothes would be the best option for you. These clothes would permit you to breastfeed without having to expose your breasts in any uncomfortable angle. You can buy them in your local maternity shops and they come in fashionable types too.

There are clothes that are intended only for breastfeeding purposes. If buying this kind of clothing may seem a bit impractical for you, you can choose to wear a shirt or a top that can be easily unbuttoned. This way, when you are breastfeeding, your baby will cover you from the bottom while the shirt will cover you up to the top.

With all these tips, you will surely run out of reasons on not feeding your baby in public. It is normal for women, usually new mothers, to feel awkward while breastfeeding with people around them. However, that feeling can be avoided and totally erased if you know in your heart that what you are doing is all for the good of your baby.

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