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Breastfeeding and Alcohol

Breastfeeding is one way of ensuring that you are providing your child with the best nourishment that their body needs in order to grow and develop. One can’t deny the outstanding benefits of breastfeeding to both the mother and her infant. It has been tested and proven that it is the healthiest set up for mom and baby and is also the most cost effective. A large sum of money can be saved by those who choose to breastfeed their babies. You don’t need to buy expensive milk formulas when you opt for natural baby feeding.

Responsibility with breastfeeding

A huge amount of responsibility comes along with the task of breastfeeding. Mothers who breastfeed must spend longer time with their babies. They will be hungry every few hours, therefore you must always be present whenever they need to feed. This is the reason why most working mothers are not into this.

Maintain their physical health

In addition to that, they have to maintain their physical health. Because the babies get their nourishment from them, mothers should be able to maintain a well balanced diet to ensure proper nutrition and enough milk secretion.

Avoid consuming certain substances

Furthermore, they have to avoid consuming certain substances that can be a threat to their baby’s health. This would include medications and alcohol.

Alcohol with breastfeeding

Though alcohol is not totally contraindicated for those who are breastfeeding, they still do not belong to the list of food and drinks that a nursing mom should be having. This means that even though it is allowed to be consumed in minimal amounts; it is not advised nor tolerated. In fact, it is greatly discouraged.

Alcohol consumption during breastfeeding

Alcohol consumption during breastfeeding does not pose as much threat if it is taken during conception or pregnancy. Alcohol however passes quickly within your breast milk in as much the same concentration as the alcohol that is present in your bloodstream. This translates that if you feed your child with your breast milk immediately after drinking alcohol, your baby will also end up taking in alcohol too.

Difficulties in sleeping?

Studies have shown that babies who consumed alcohol through breast milk can have difficulties in sleeping. It disturbs the infant’s sleep - wake cycle and causes him to be awake for most of the time. Other babies have been noted to show signs of weakness that hinders them to feed well enough. Alcohol is also known to affect the development of the baby’s motor skills.

Limiting your intake of alcohol

If alcohol drinking is something you must do. Limit your intake on the lowest possible level. You can also avoid your child from ingesting alcohol by feeding him before you take that drink. Small amount of alcohol can be metabolized by the body after 3-4 hours.

Mothers who do drink to much

Mothers who are alcohol abusers are discouraged to breastfeed but rather use infant milk formula instead. They can seek the help of a physician or counselor . The willingness to quit or limit drinking alcohol while nursing a baby is the issue here. You have to give up some of the comfort and vices for the wellness of the child. This is the true essence of motherhood.

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