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Water Birth - birth in water

Another method of childbirth that is widely accepted is known as the water birth. It is done with the lower half of the expectant mother’s body is submerged in water. She lies on a bath tub which is filled with warm water while she begins her labor. Sometimes, an expectant mother would get out of the water when she enters the second phase of her labor and she gives birth to her baby while lying on a bed. At other times, the expectant mother would stay in the water as she gives birth. The supporters of water birth believe that the warm water is similar to the environment inside the womb and the baby’s entrance into the world is less traumatic. The other known advantages of water birth are reduction of pain, faster labor, and reduction of the need to use drugs.

However, those who oppose water birth have described potential problems such as possible drowning due to inhalation of water and possible infection. The water may increase the chances of infection but studies conducted both in Canada and the United States showed that infections occurring during water birth are rare, especially when the birthing tub receives thorough cleaning before a water birth.

Possible hazards of having a water birth?

  • Infection – possible risk of an infection being present in the water.
  • Emergency situations – may take longer to get out of the water in a possible emergency
  • Unpleasant environment – You may find the water unpleasant as the nursing staff may need to remove blood ECT.
  • Pain relief – a water birth may not help with the pain as much as expected.

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