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Unassisted childbirth

Unassisted childbirth or UC is, as the word suggests, birth with no medical or professional assistance. As a woman has the right to have a child, she also has the right to choose how she delivers the child into this world. It is her choice to refuse medical care. UC is a carefully planned choice by the mother and is not merely the result of ill-timing or of an emergency.

Why do some mothers choose unassisted childbirth?

The contention of mothers who prefer unassisted childbirth is that pregnancy and childbirth are not medical events and should therefore be devoid of external interventions. Some also believe that UC is a calling, something they believe to be spiritual.

Capacity to give birth without aid?

Expectant mothers who consider UC’s should have a strong belief in their capacity to give birth without aid. They should also be physically healthy, though not necessarily in excellent shape. They should also be comfortable with their body and accept their sexuality. Pre-childbirth practices require the mothers to take good care of themselves. This involves exercise, eating good food, and not taking any medications that might be unsafe for her and her child.

UCs can either be employed by mothers with friends and family, with the partner or by themselves. Even with the presence of other people, it is still important that no medical or birth attendant interfere with the whole childbirth process. The presence of company can be for other reasons like looking after other children in the family, preparing food or making sure that the birthing mother is uninterrupted.

Unassisted childbirth is a natural choice made by the mother. Babies are conceived without help, and can therefore be birthed without help. To prepare yourself for unassisted childbirth, choose whether you need prenatal care. Some women prefer that they do not seek professional pre-childbirth help, while others do. It is actually just a matter of personal choice.

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