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Natural childbirth

Childbirth is truly a wonderful experience for women, and some expectant mothers wish to take the experience one notch higher by employing natural childbirth.

Birthing philosophy

Natural childbirth is a birthing philosophy that attempts to seek less intervention and resist technological assistance. It is grounded on the belief that fewer if no interventions, confidence in natural processes and trust in the woman and not in technology, will reduce the risks for complications. The proponents of natural birth also contend that it increases the odds of a healthier postnatal period.

Benefit from natural childbirth?

Babies are greatly benefited by being born “naturally”. Natural childbirth is less invasive so there’s little potential for harmful side-effects to your baby. They are also less exposed to the narcotics of labor drugs that are used to minimize delivery pains. Your partner will also feel more involved and drawn in as both of you work together towards the final descent and birthing of your baby.

Increased labor and delivery pains with natural childbirth?

A major fear of women that revolves around natural childbirth is the possibility of an increased labor and delivery pains. With the minimal medical intervention, this is most likely to be the case. But instead of anesthetic medication, there are several pain management techniques that can be employed even in natural childbirth. These techniques include hydrotherapy, massage, breathing exercises, visualization and even vocalization. Body movement and different positions and hot and cold therapy can also be used to minimize labor pains.

Learn more about natural childbirth, and discover if it’s right for you and how to prepare yourself for it. It is advisable, especially for first-time mothers, to enroll themselves to a good childbirth education class to learn more of what pregnancy and childbirth entails.

Natural births can be very empowering for women. Their bodies are built for natural birthing after all, and natural childbirth validates their feminine power and capacity.

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