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Home Birth - unassisted home birth

Giving birth might be the most awaited event in the family but it is a difficult experience for the mother. In an attempt to help her, the medical community has produced various interventions, such as epidurals, episiotomies, vacuum extractors, and cesarean section operations. However, these interventions have serious risks on the health of both the mother and the baby. Thus, some expectant mothers, who have healthy pregnancies, are planning to use alternative methods, such as home birth, water birth, and childbirth hypnosis.

Is a home birth safe?

Many studies back this up. As long as you have a trained, experienced birth attendant and a near by hospital you will be okay. If any complications become apparent in your pregnancy these may mean you need to have the birth at the hospital. Take the advice of your doctor.

Home birth is giving birth in the home, without the constant monitoring of doctors and machines. Sometimes the childbirth is attended by the midwife but it is also possible for the expectant mother to give birth even before the midwife arrives. In the case of the latter, the woman is said to have unassisted home birth. Home birth is popular in some European countries such as Denmark and Netherlands. In the United States, home birth is now gaining popularity.

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