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Extra weight after childbirth

Getting Rid of a Nine-Months Worth of Extra Weight

Nine months of accumulated extra weight may not be very easy to shed off. And though having a baby is a wonderful experience for women, most mothers would like to drop the extra weight she gained after childbirth as soon as possible.

Regular pregnancy exercise

The ease of returning to the normal physical tone after childbirth actually begins during pregnancy itself. This doesn’t mean we have to cut down on the sweets and food we eat for the baby, what we need to do is to maintain a regular pregnancy exercise. Exercise is essential to good health and can also provide stamina to help cope with the rigors of labor. It can also help regulate your body’s shape despite the growing baby bump and the extra weight that comes with it.

After delivery, how soon will you start exercising to shed off the extra weight gained?

The time interval between childbirth and exercise depends how easy and natural the delivery was. Start a light exercise a day or two after a normal delivery. If surgery was involved, you may want to delay the resumption of your exercise routine. Listen to your body and take a nap if you feel like your body needs one. And always consult your physician if you have any questions in mind.

Starting to think about losing weight

About six weeks after your baby is born, you may begin a formal attempt at weight loss. Aside from doing the regular exercise you did before getting pregnant, you can also start on watching what you eat. Reemploy the pre-pregnancy diet that worked best for you. Also provide yourself with iron-rich foods to help you recover from blood loss during childbirth.

Which exercises can help a woman lose weight after childbirth?

  • A good walk

  • Running

  • Swimming

  • Aerobics

Having a baby is not an excuse to let go of your beauty regimen and previous physical shape. Always be patient. It took nine months to gain the extra weight after childbirth, losing it wont take overnight.

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