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Complications in pregnancy and childbirth

Childbirth is a wonderful, albeit risky, experience for every woman and her child. Even with majority of deliveries being uneventful, unexpected and even deadly complications in childbirth can still occur.

The indications of the start of labor are contractions and most women often misread them as the beginning of childbirth and go into false labor. What expectant mothers should know is that there are some contractions that are irregular and can diminish with rest. It is only when contractions become frequent and regular, and when water breaks that the real labor begins.

Pregnancy is an intricate and complicated physical process that is prone to complications in childbirth for both the mother and child.

Complications in pregnancy that effect the mother

The major maternal risk is hemorrhage or excessive bleeding which is still the leading killer of birthing mothers today.

  • Infections
  • vaginal birth injury
  • pelvic girdle pain

May also be birthing complications for mothers with effects showing up either immediately or later in life.

Complications in pregnancy that effect the child.

Complications to the child can occur during and after childbirth which may or may not involve death. Stillbirth and an entangled umbilical cord are the most often deadly complications for babies after the delivery.

Non-death complications may also include:

  • brain damage
  • cerebral palsy
  • neo-natal infections

Babies are also prone to mechanical fetal injury with risk factors ranging from:

  • the need for instrumental delivery
  • maternal obesity
  • medical malpractice by an inexperienced attendant

Complications in childbirth are unexpected and may just arise. The best thing for mothers to do is to regularly consult a trusted physician before, during and after pregnancy. Choose a physician that is confident and capable in treating any complications. You can also reduce the risks by staying healthy, exercising, and avoiding certain foods and medication during pregnancy. Giving birth is not easy so make sure you are aware of what you can do to make childbirth safe for both you and your child.

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