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Childbirth Hypnosis

The pain and difficulty in childbirth can be mitigated when the woman who is about to give birth has prepared her mind for the task. Such preparation can be carried out by a procedure called childbirth hypnosis. Unlike the stereotypical impressions of hypnosis that is related to occultism, the childbirth hypnosis is based on the strong will of the expectant mother. Childbirth hypnosis is similar to self hypnosis. The supporters of childbirth hypnosis explain that the mother will command her inner mind to view the giving of birth as a joyful process. This significantly reduces the pain involved in childbirth.

Your body is more relaxed under childbirth hypnosis

When the expectant mother undergoes hypnosis during childbirth, her body is more relaxed, shortening the duration of labor and decreasing the pain caused by tense muscles. The process of childbirth no longer requires medicines that alleviate pain. This is a benefit because such medicines may have side effects. The mother is not knocked out by drugs but stays awake and alert during childbirth.

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