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Bleeding after childbirth

Bleeding after childbirth may scare some first-time mothers, which shouldn’t be the case. Post-delivery bleeding is normal since it takes some time before the uterus lining of the mother to heal itself. What women should be alarmed though is excessive bleeding after childbirth, or in medical terms, post-partum hemorrhage. Mothers should know when to draw the line between normal bleeding after childbirth and hemorrhage.

Blood loss or discharge lochia

After your baby is born, cells that form the lining of your uterus will begin to shed off. This result in a normal blood loss or discharge called lochia. Lochia is not exclusively made up of blood; it also contains other particles that your body needs to get rid of. Lochia discharge is merely your body’s way to expel excess blood, mucus and placenta tissue leftover from your childbirth.

What happens to the color of the Lochia?

The color of your lochia varies through time. During the first week, it would appear to be red and would slowly change from brownish-red to pink. It will become thinner in texture over the next few weeks. The flow also gradually slows down and become lighter.

Abnormal discharge

Though bleeding after childbirth is normal, not all of them are healthy. The abnormal discharge, called post-partum hemorrhage, is characterized by excessive loss of blood. If not treated quickly, this can cause significant blood loss and possibly, even death.

The symptoms to look out for include:

  • a foul odor in your discharge
  • clots that are too large
  • nausea
  • dizziness and your sanitary pad becoming soaked too soon

If you experience these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately and ask questions. If, meanwhile, you feel faint or are bleeding profusely, immediately go to the nearest emergency room.

Changes to your body after childbirth

Pregnancy is a complex process that can do so much to your body even after delivery. Always be wary of the different changes your body goes through after childbirth. Lack of awareness and knowledge, during this time, can kill.

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