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Sore Throat Treatment

Sore throats are commonly caused by a viral infection. In some instances, it is caused by a bacterial infection wherein the ailment is classified as strep throat. Antibiotics only work for sore throats caused by a bacterial infection. If the sore throat is caused by a viral infection, antibiotics won’t work. It will usually last for 7-10 days.

Here are some treatments to consider for treating sore throats.

1. Gargle or some tea or broth
For older kids, gargling warm salt water will help reduce the swelling. Kids can gargle once every hour using 1 teaspoon of salt to a glass of water. Some discomfort may also be eased by giving your baby warm soup or broth or even mild tea.

2. Drink lots of fluids
It is very helpful to prevent dehydration of any form. Encouraging your baby into drinking lots of fluids can help soothe the pain in the throat area. Good liquid choices are water, tea or soup.

3. Give baby plenty of rest
Avoid overly strenuous activities. Be sure to give the baby ample time to rest.

4. Use a vaporizer
Using an air vaporizer can help ease any discomfort the baby might feel. It allows the swollen air passages to recover better. Avoid setting an overly cold room temperature.

Sore throat is caused by an allergy?

In instances where the sore throat is caused by an allergy, it is helpful to consult a doctor to determine the trigger for the allergies. Once the cause is known, avoiding them or taking some form of medication will solve the problem.

Reducing the threat of infection

In some cases, you can avoid sore throats by reducing the threat of infection. Some ways to do this are by washing the hands regularly and avoiding contact with the eyes or the mouth. Others should also be reminded to cover the mouth when coughing or sneezing.

When the pain caused by the sore throat is unbearable, take the following steps to ease the pain: ask your doctor to prescribe acetaminophen or ibuprofen as an effective pain reliever followed by plenty of regular water. If the baby is old enough, giving throat lozenges or hard candy can help too.

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