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Nappy Rash - diaper rash

A nappy rash, or sometimes referred to as a diaper rash, is a skin rash caused by skin disorders or other irritants. It is commonly found in the genital area or the buttocks where the skin develops redness and inflammation. If left untreated for a long period of time, the condition can develop into something more serious. Fungal infections or bacterial infections are typical consequences.

Prolonged wetness and nappy rash?

The nappy rash is usually caused by prolonged wetness. Babies typically urinate and defecate quite often, which can cause problems when the nappy or diaper cannot handle too much moisture.

Can food allergy be a cause of nappy rash?

Some studies have also indicated that the nappy rash can be caused by a food allergy. The study notes that breast-fed babies have a lesser risk of getting a nappy rash due to having less enzymatic activity. Some babies typically develop nappy rashes after eating solid foods for the first time. A drastic change in diet increases the chances of nappy rashes.

How to avoid nappy rash?

To avoid getting nappy rashes, changing the nappy regularly is a must. Maintaining cleanliness is also very important so avoid rushing when changing the nappy. Being thorough can save you a lot of problems in the future. Applying antibacterial ointment when changing nappies can provide a moderate layer of protection also. Avoid fastening the nappy too tightly. Setting a loose and comfortable fit allows the air to circulate. A good barrier cream is also something you should have handy.

Give your baby some time without the nappy on. This will let the air circulate whitch will help relive the problem.

Allergic reaction a cause of nappy rash?

There are cases where the nappy rash is caused by an allergic reaction, possibly due to a detergent. In this case, changing the detergent will solve the problem. If the condition doesn’t get better or even worsens, using an anti-yeast cream should be considered.

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