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German Measles (Rubella)

This is caused by a virus and is spread through coughing and sneezing of an infected person. Your child may have this disease and it may go unnoticed. If you have any pregnant friends then it is important that you keep your child away as this disease can cause serious harm to the unborn baby in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Please note that German Measles and Measles are different. Measles is caused by a different virus.

Symptoms for German Measles

Rash made up of tiny pink spots which are not blotchy or raised above the surface of the skin. These initially appear on the face and then spread to the rest of the body.
The rash lasts for only a few days then disappears.

Runny nose, red eyes and swollen glands may also accompany the rash.

Treatment for German Measles

Keep your child’s fever down by giving over the counter medication such as calpol.If the temperature is over 100.4 degrees then phone a doctor stright away.

Make sure they consume plenty of fluids.

Try and keep them away from any expectant mothers due to the risk of passing the virus on.

Incubation Period

10 to 21 days.

Infectious Period

The day before the rash appears and two days after this.

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