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Baby Hernia

A hernia is a lump that is located in the tummy or groin just under the skin. This is caused by soft tissue getting through a hole in the abdomen muscular wall. They tend to be more common in boys. Babies are effected mostly by inguinal hernias or umbilical hernias.

Umbilical Hernia

This is the most common Hernia and usually occurs near the baby’s belly button. It is more common in ethnic groups, particularly babies from African dissent.

Inguinal hernia

This appears in the groin area and sometimes extends into the tummy area.

How to tell if my baby has a Hernia?

The baby will have a bulge on the skin that gets bigger when your baby cries, sneezes or coughs. If you apply a small amount of pressure to the Hernia area then it should pop back into the hole.

A hernia may be only a temporary thing for a child and they can grow out of them.
If the problem is severe then your GP will monitor the situation before deciding what is the best way forward.

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