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Baby Constipation

Constipation in babies refers to the dry texture of the poo rather the actual amount of times your baby passes a stool. Breastfed babies rarely suffer from constipation. Bottle fed babies seem unable to process the formula milk. Mostly though babies suffer from constipation when solids are introduced.

How to spot constipation in your baby

  • Stools that are similar hard pebble balls.
  • Less frequent bowel movements
  • Baby may find it difficult to pass stools
How to help prevent Constipation in your baby
  • Give small sips of water.
  • Exercise – if your baby can crawl encourage the baby to do this. If not you can try pumping the babies legs and arms.
  • Switch your baby’s formula if you think this is the problem.
  • Feed a diet of fruit, vegetables and wholegrain.
Contact you doctor if:
  • The constipation is regular
  • Your baby is in distress when pooing
  • Passes blood when doing a poo.
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