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Baby Shower planning - let Your Ideas Shine!

Initially, hosting a baby shower seems like a piece of cake. Planning the shower date is a cinch. And the invitations? Hardly difficult. Baby shower games? That’s a whole different ‘ballgame’ however.

Planning the baby shower games

Baby shower games can either be the most nerve-wracking issue to decide on, or the most fun to be engrossed about. This can be potentially stressful given the fact that there are far too many games to consider. Everyone wants a baby shower to hold fond memories after all, and having the right games will make all the difference in your guests’ overall baby shower experience.

What games to choose?

Whether you choose to stick with the more casual games like the “getting to know you” circuit or those that have more kick and would make bringing out the champagne unnecessary - it’s all up to you. The best games will get people to talk to each other and have them share stories and jokes.

The worst are those that are laden with too many confusing rules that might end up pressuring your guests to think about game strategies. These are the type that you should avoid, since the focus of enjoying the games is lost. Baby shower games should be light-hearted and fun above all.

The ideal start for the baby shower games?

An Icebreaker is the ideal kind to start the ball rolling. Choose the type that will have your guests mingling and being more comfortable with each other. This will be essential in getting a positive response for the succeeding games. From there you can move on to the more effort-requiring sort such as recalling celebrity baby names and faces, collecting the most number of nursery rhymes, and naming famous celebrity couples.

You can even hit two birds with one stone by incorporating a game in the gift-opening part of the baby shower. This will make playing the games and opening gifts especially memorable and wholeheartedly meaningful.

So go ahead and enjoy your baby shower games hunting expedition!



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