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How to make a footprint baby invitation

So you’re throwing a baby shower and you’ve decided on having baby footprint invitations to announce the coming of a new baby with zest. Perfect! Now all you need is an artistic mind, some creative juice, and the right tools for the task ahead.

There are a lot of ways for you to snag the type of footprint invitation that will preserve golden memories profoundly and convey the right mood of the occasion. You can start by going online, where various websites are ready to cater to your “footprinting” needs.

There are brand names that sell them singly or in packs, so before you order let’s say, two dozen of them, make sure you examine all of these meticulously. Confirm the colors of the text you wish to appear in the invites and ask for a fresh sample before you proceed purchasing.

If in the event that you have a top-caliber printer, then go ahead and start downloading. Many baby footprint designs can be found online so be sure to get only high quality downloaded prints from reputable brand names. Majority of these sites are more than welcome in allowing you to customize the message in the invitation. Remember to preview how the overall effect looks before pushing that enter key.

These websites also come complete with easy to decipher printing directions so that you can do this task with utmost convenience. Some sites even feature ready-to-print invitations where you simply get to edit colors of the footprints depending on the gender of the baby. How’s that for added ease?

You can also make use of your gallons of creative juice and make your own footprint designs. Using simple tools like crayon pastels or watercolors, and adding fancy cutouts or a lovely poem or nursery rhyme ought to put in just the right amount of sugar and spice and everything nice.

Go on, get to work and make use of that inherent creative genius just waiting to be unleashed.



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