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Baby shower themes

Get That Baby Shower Suited Up With the Best Theme!

Having a baby shower spells different colors. It is fun and exciting, but it can also be nerve-wracking and stressful. A baby shower can take up a great deal of work if you don’t have a plan laid out.

Streamlining preparations of your baby shower

But with a baby shower theme, the work will be much easier. Streamlining preparations will be more simplified once you have decided on the perfect theme. Traditional themes are a popular choice; you can never go wrong with holding the party in a simple setting.

Family and friends baby shower theme?

Thinking of an intimate gathering of family and friends over dinner or a tea party? Why not?
This is not at all aggravating to organize, and won’t take up much time. You can keep decorations subdued and the guests limited to a selected few. That way it will be more intimate.

Gender-specific baby shower theme?

A gender-specific theme is also a practical choice. For a boy baby shower you can have a blue and white motif and have balloons of various shades of blue tied with silk white ribbons to add a soft touch. Matching icing colors to the color theme will also do wonders.

Girl baby shower theme?

For a girl baby shower, you can use conventional colors like pastel pink or purple, and have pink/purple and white crepe paper as furnishings. You can add flower centerpieces to put in a warm touch of femininity.

Book themed baby shower?

Tired of the typical shower themes? Here’s one that’ll hit the mark. How about a ‘book’ themed shower? Bedtime stories, fairy tales and other story books which will all serve as the backdrop of the party will certainly keep the mood light and playful.

Mommy themed baby shower?

Another clever idea could be a ‘mommy’ themed shower. This is after all the most fitting time to pamper the mom- to- be with spa products, mommy clothes, scented candles, and what have you.

It’s all up to you. What matters is that the theme fully sets the tone of the baby shower, making it truly special and unforgettable. So get a move on and start planning!



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