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Baby Shower Food

When planning a baby shower, there are a lot of things to consider. One of the most challenging aspects is the baby shower food.

The food is crucial for the success of your baby shower

The food is one of the crucial things that will make all the difference in your guests’ baby shower experience so make sure to choose recipes that are mouth-watering and full of delicious flavor. Impress your guests with scrumptious dishes that are easy to prepare.

First off, consider the number of people who will be coming. If you have a guest list comprised of 15 to 20 people, planning an entire meal will need much time and hard work.

It will be wiser to divide the meal into sections of:

  • entrees and finger foods
  • soup
  • some delectable appetizers
  • punch or beverages
  • an exquisite dessert

A full meal for a smaller group of less than 12 people won’t be too difficult however. This all depends on just how much time, effort and money you will be putting into the menu.

Time of day for the baby shower?

Also, think about the time of day the baby shower will take place. Dinner foods for dinner time and breakfast foods for morning baby showers and so on. Next, consider the baby theme of the shower. This is important to keep things flowing smoothly and with the right ambience. You don’t want to steer off from the theme making the rhythm of the baby shower inconsistent.

Be time-conscious in your planning.

Most especially, be time-conscious and opt for foods that are quick to prepare and yet are elegant and delectable enough to make your guests salivate at the sight of these luscious treats. Delicious recipes need not be expensive to be appetizing.

Remember that the baby shower menu is just a fraction of the entire shower and there’s a lot more work you need to do. Enlisting help from the parents’ friends and family will make the load less heavy. With inventive and yummy recipes, have a blast and make it a baby shower to remember!



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