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Baby Showers and Favors

baby showers and baby shower favors. There’s nearly nothing else in the world more delightful than this quaint combination. Baby shower favors convey meaningful thoughts and feelings. They speak deeply of the appreciation, love, gratefulness, and joy for all of the guests who have supported the would-be parents in this exciting and pivotal moment.

What to pick for the Favor?

Picking the most suitable favors however will prove to be a demanding task simply because there are too many choices to consider. Not to mention the kind of response there would be with regards to these tokens of appreciation. Will they like it? What would they prefer? Should you have opted for the more expensive ones?

You don’t need to spend lots of money on your baby shower favor.

The good news is that charming and beautiful baby shower favors need not cost thousands in order for them to be the best memento of the occasion. The first thing to decide about is whether or not to let the favors match with the shower theme.

Theme based favors

Having theme based favors are considered to be more appropriate, especially in the case of conventional baby showers. You can be simple yet elegant with theme-based favors and prizes like stuffed animals and baby toys, or perhaps with the more cost effective theme based gift bags.

You can even be eclectic and have the favors come in gift baskets filled with delightful treats. Nothing says ‘thank you’ more aptly than an endearing bundle of goodies that’ll make your guests feel deeply appreciated.

However, if you find yourself still feeling a bit confused, then go for the ones that never go out of style.

These include:

  • candles
  • baby soap or lotion
  • baby scents
  • baby decorations

You may even take your cue from favors given at other showers you have attended and go from there.

So take this task as a labor of love and let your creative instincts flow. No doubt you will eventually come up with the perfect shower favors that will make it an event no one will ever forget.



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