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Jamie Highland is an article writer for My Baby Shower Favors, a site that sells baby shower favors baby shower themes. Here is an article about baby shower craft ideas.

Baby Shower Craft Ideas

Certain craft ideas can be used for the creation of beautiful baby shower decorations, favors and gifts for the mom-to-be.

These items will be extra-special because of their originality and the creativity put in the process. In addition, most baby shower crafts are made of very useful items and materials that the mom-to-be will need after the birth of her baby.

Are you organizing or attending a baby shower? Here are several original craft ideas that will make your decorations or gifts truly memorable.

Towel and Diaper Craft Ideas

Various beautiful decorations can be made of diapers and towels. You can make a diaper cake, a baby carriage or any other cute shape that will contain many essential items and will look very good.

To make a diaper cake, you will need unpacked diapers of varying sizes, cardboard circles, double-sided tape, ribbons, artificial flowers and plastic wrap. You may need additional items that can be placed inside the cake – baby lotion, baby powder, a pacifier, etc.

Roll each diaper and use a rubber band or the tape to hold it tight together. To make a cake having three layers, tape together six, 15 and 28 rolled diapers. You need to form a circular shape. Place a ribbon over the tape, so that you hide it and have a more aesthetically pleasing shape.

Use tape to stick the layers to the cardboard circles. This will make your cake more stable. Place one layer on top of the other. Meanwhile, place additional gifts inside the rolled diapers. Each layer can be decorated even further – use ribbons and artificial flowers. To keep the cake from accumulating dust, place the plastic wrap over it. Once again – you can use a ribbon to add some luxurious sensation to the package. Your diaper cake is ready!

Candle Favors

Favors for the baby shower can be created effortlessly. You can make many beautiful and memorable souvenirs.

Candles are one of the most attractive types of baby shower favors. You will need molds in shapes that are connected to the baby shower – bibs, teddy bears, baby booties, rubber ducklings. Some of these shapes are more intricate and will demand skills and some experience.

You will need wax, wick, candle molds, colorants and essences that can be used to create scented wax.

Melt the wax and pour it in the mold. The wick has to be positioned there in the advance, so that the wax is poured around. Once the candle is dry, you can remove it from the mold and begin the decoration process. All of the supplies that you will need for such favors can be found in a craft store.

Baby Sock Rose Bouquet Decoration

A baby sock rose bouquet is a beautiful decorative item that can be used during the baby shower. It is relatively easy to make.

You will need several pairs of baby socks in the color of preference, wire, green tape, wire cutters. Lay out the first baby sock flat. Roll the toe towards the sock opening. You will probably be capable of making three tight rolls.

Open the sock inside out. It should expand over the roll you have already formed. This will be the base of your rose bud. The roll should be then able to stand on its own.

Cut the wire to form the stem of the rose. Make it as long, as you believe is appropriate for your vase. Poke through the rose bud. The green floral tape should be then wrapped around the wire to form the stem. You can use paper to make leaves and to add some greenery to your bouquet.

The procedure should be repeated until you get the number of flowers that you want. Place those in a vase and use as a baby shower decoration.




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